Back Up Power At Vera Cruz City Hospital

Back Up Power At Vera Cruz City Hospital

When it comes to providing standby power, it’s doesn’t get any more critical than emergency power for the healthcare industry: 24/7 backup power at hospitals and healthcare facilities can mean a fine line between life and death. Whether it’s storm-related or a general power outage, when mains electrical power goes out, lifesaving healthcare provision must go on

Vera Cruz City Hospital, located in the heart of Campinas, São Paulo was established in 1974 and with 158 beds, it provides state of the art healthcare, specialising in a wide range of fields, including cardiology, ultrasonography and MRI.

Integgral Sistemas de Energia, an FGWilson distributor located in the São Paulo state, began working with the hospital in April 2016 on a standby power project, consisting of two P750-5 generator sets. This brief was for a quality product which would be located underground. The units were fitted with the robust FG Wilson CAE enclosure which offers excellent air flow and sound attenuation, both of which were very important factors in the installation.

Speaking about the project Newton Koike from Integgral Sistemas de Energia said:

“Marcus Zulzke, responsible for the operations at the hospital, chose FG Wilson for the quality of our products. The big factor was the level of all quality certification on the FG Wilson products. That played a major part in the hospital’s decision.

We’re now talking with the hospital about a maintenance contract.”