Climbing Mountains for Customers

Climbing Mountains for Customers

We always knew that FG Wilson dealers go to great lengths for customers but to the top of a volcano?

Ar Mahn Trading Co. Ltd, FG Wilson dealer in Myanmar, took on a project to install a 72 kVA generator set in an enclosure for customer Cherry FM. Nothing unusual about that, but Cherry FM have a transmitter on Mount Popa, a volcano 1,500 metres/5,000 feet above sea level, and located in central Burma (Myanmar) about 50 km/30 miles southeast of Bagan (Pagan) in the Pegu Range. The volcano can be seen from the Ayeyarwady (Irrawaddy) River as far away as 60 km/40 miles in clear weather.

The site is a no-fly zone, which meant that the only option was to disassemble the generator set and manually carry it uphill to reassemble at the site, taking a crew of 22 people 15 days to complete.

The FG Wilson generator set is now fully operational on its mountain top and Cherry FM listeners will never miss their favourite programmes again. The radio station is delighted because until now, no other supplier had been ready to undertake the task, not until Ar Mahn arrived.

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