Do You Need Remote Power?

Do You Need Remote Power?

 width=Michael Milligan, FG Wilson Account Manager, Global Accounts, talks about an exciting new product range for FG Wilson.

“First and foremost, this is a very customer-defined product.  We spent a great deal of time simply talking with our customers and dealers and working through issues together to understand what was important,” explains Michael Milligan.

“There was a real focus on product operating costs and this has led to a packaged generator product which is ideal for telecoms users, or indeed for any customer who operates at sites which are fairly remote.

He says: “The product is perfect for either hybrid or generator-only applications.  To reduce operating costs, site visits for maintenance and fuel replenishment, the product offers 1,000 hours between service intervals, and comes with set-mounted fuel tanks of up to 2,000 litres. Being able to monitor the generator set from the telecom network operating centre maximises uptime and allows preparation for site visits minimising servicing costs and ensuring that site visits are effective.”

 width=The product options list includes a flexible range of enclosures offering three levels of sound attenuation to help ensure that it meets local noise regulations.  “We know from past experience that rigorous upfront design, testing and validation lead to superior reliability throughout a product’s lifetime and that this can save customers a substantial amount of money over time,” says Michael.

“We are a volume manufacturer and we take reliability extremely seriously. We have made multi-million dollar investments in our industry-leading Engineering Centre of Excellence where all our new products are given intense pre-launch testing which include vibration, engine/alternator cooling, electromagnetic compatibility, noise, water ingress and rating/transient performance.”

He explains: “Manufacturing quality is extremely important to us and our facilities operate with rigorous production quality controls, utilising the Caterpillar Production System and standard work processes. Then, once products are installed, we work together with our distributors through our Partners In Quality programme.”

He concludes: “We have incorporated a great deal of product flexibility including control systems and remote communications to ensure that our generator set integrates seamlessly with any hybrid system. We are partnering with several established hybrid manufacturers to confirm compatibility and ensure efficient and fast deployment of our products on site.”