FG Wilson Fuel / Water Separator With Drain And Sensor Port Filter

FG Wilson high efficiency filters are robust enough to withstand the toughest operating conditions. Our new 10000-51285 separator filter, which combines improved performance with a high-quality filter material and robust construction, is the best choice for protecting fuel systems in FG Wilson generators.

  1. Rugged, all-metal housing Provides superior protection against damage.
  2. Vertical tube / molded center tube Helps protect powerful engines from difficulties and avoid collapse caused by a sudden difference between the internal and external pressures.
  3. Rugged base Connected to the base by a double groove re-engaged seal to resist leaks due to high pressures and vibrations.
  4. High-efficiency filter material Combines layers of polyester and cellulose to increase efficiency of separation and retention capacity of the contaminant.
  5. Self-ventilated drainage device, fully metallic The construction strengthens the structural strength and facilitates maintenance. The self-venting drainage system facilitates the draining of fuel or water from the filter.

Filter 10000-51285 features a high-efficiency filter material that is designed to increase the performance of contaminant separation, dirt holding capacity and separation efficiency. Due to this improved efficiency, fewer damage-generating contaminants pass through the filter to reach sensitive fuel injection components, which extends service life and enhances fuel system performance.