FG Wilson Genuine Parts Radial Seal Outer Element Filter

FG Wilson air filters are designed to balance three important characteristics: maximum efficiency, minimum initial restriction and economy of use. The main components of a heavy-duty radial seal air filter are the seal, molded ends, inner and outer metal casing and filter material. The inner and outer metal casings protect the filter material and provide the complete filter with its structural strength. With 73% of the surface area of ‚Äč‚Äčthemetal enclosures open, all Wilson FG filters meet the minimum air flow restriction. The most important part of the air filter is the filter material. FG Wilson air filtration products ensure maximum strength and minimal restriction due to the high quality of their filter material. This material uses a special embossing process, which creates an integrated crease spacing. The stability and the separation capacity are thus improved in order to prevent the folds from contracting against one another under the effect of the incoming air. The air filter structure and robust radial seal are made of a urethane compound designed to provide exceptional balance between durability, efficiency and filter capacity, making maintenance easier and more economical.

  1. Heavy Duty Radial Seal Made of a special urethane compound, it does not degrade at extreme temperatures, or when subjected to restriction variations or vibrations.
  2. Flexible external ends Their flexibility facilitates the insertion and removal of filters with low clearance.
  3. Rugged construction Provides even spacing of folds to prevent tightening and ensures maximum element life.
  4. Spiral bonding Provides extra stability of the folds to optimize the efficiency of the filter material.
  5. Heavy Duty Construction Features a specially reinforced part in the center, designed to avoid constant bending and the risk of breakage when