FG Wilson In The Gulf

FG Wilson In The Gulf

FG Wilson in the Gulf

40 Years: 60,000 Generator Sets

The Gulf region has changed much in the last 40 years, rapidly becoming an exciting powerhouse for business and a focal point for innovation. As the region has grown in prosperity, one generator set brand, FG Wilson, has been there all the way, playing an active role in that progress, supplying, installing and continually delivering successful and complex power projects. Look across any skyline in the region and you will see iconic buildings with FG Wilson generator sets inside.

FG Wilson (Engineering) FZE have represented FG Wilson in the region since 1991, based in the Jebel Ali Free zone, Dubai, and with a presence across the entire Gulf region. As the region has progressed, so has FG Wilson (Engineering) FZE, expanding from 3 employees in 1991 to a team of 140 highly technical and professional staff today. Since 1991, that adds up to almost 60,000 generator sets installed around the Gulf with enough combined electric power to supply a mid-sized European country.

Alok Rawat, Chief Executive of FG Wilson (Engineering) FZE, has watched these changes unfold. “Today in the Middle East, the power supply is stable but what is needed is quality power, with zero risk of power outage. As the world has become more digital and the risks or costs of power outages and going offline become huge, now businesses are taking a stronger interest in protecting their power supply. That means reliable power generation products which are well supported. From the start, that’s exactly what we’ve set out to do.”

The FG Wilson product range offers power from 6.8 to 2,500 kVA and FG Wilson (Engineering) FZE carry up to 600 units in stock for rapid delivery. Some customers can walk in and drive away with a generator set, while for others it’s a major project – and this is one area which Alok has really focused on. “From day one, we’ve been involved in large projects, working with consultants on load requirements, finding the right generator set, designing the complete layout of the generator set including exhaust and fuel systems, installation and commissioning. We have a dedicated technical engineering team and this is what they do. They are complete specialists. And of course our long working relationship with the FG Wilson team in the UK means we can call on that great expertise always. We are a very close team.”

The flipside of ensuring power quality is what happens once the generator set is installed and operational. Alok says, “We are one of the very few companies in the region fully dedicated to providing real 24/7 support for generator sets. That means a helpline which is staffed 24/7 and a service team which operates 24/7. It means true end-to-end support for the entire package or project, a single point for warranty and service.”

For FG Wilson, the Middle East feels almost like a home market. It was the first region which the brand reached out to in the early 1970s, and one of the first major projects was in Abu Dhabi over forty years ago in 1976, with six 2000 kVA generator sets.

Alok says, “We’ve been in this business a long time. So much of our history has been written by our customers and the projects we have worked on together. Today, our customers benefit hugely from the hard-won experience of installing and supporting 60,000 generator sets. Although the world has changed hugely in 40 years, our formula is the one we have used all along: stability and certainty with products which are tested, validated and supported all through their working lives.”

To find out more about FG Wilson (Engineering) FZE visit www.fgwilson.ae

FG Wilson will be at Project Qatar, Stand No. D-107 from 8th to 11th May