Five Star Power

Five Star Power

Innovative and sustainable, Praiamar Corporate by Miramar Construtora, brings together the best in the world of corporate ventures.

A mixed use space offering a range of high quality services and conveniences, the property is unprecedented in the city of Sao Paolo and the Paulista coast. In addition to the modern facilities, it is integrated with the Praiamar Residence and the five star lodging of the Sheraton Hotel, one of the world’s largest international hotel brands. It is also the first corporate venture in Brazil to include a heliport and hangar with parking for four helicopters.

Essencial Energia, an FG Wilson dealer since 2007 based in Santa Andre, worked closely with the client, Mendes Construction, to deliver a power solution for this high profile project. The project began through the FG Wilson Regional Sales Manager in the region, as a close relationship had already been established with local technical companies.

Speaking about the project, Carlos Olinto of Essencial Energia comments: “This has been a challenging business case for us as we only got involved in February 2016, while the project commenced in 2014 with a main Brazilian competitor. However the client wanted better pricing and in the end, quality was a key to winning the project. Our sense of urgency is reflected in our mission value, ‘We do not lose time. Time is money for us.’ The main challenge was changing the direction from the competitor to FG Wilson, with several meetings taking place to review the project and installations. As the generator sets were to be located close to apartments and hotels, emissions and sound requirements had to be considered. To address these issues, Essencial Energia provided 2 x P750-5 generator sets which were weatherproof and sound attenuated.”

Filipe Gelio, FG Wilson Regional Sales Manager for Brazil said, “Mendes Construction is one of the largest construction companies in the Brazilian coast, with more than 10,000 establishments in Santos alone. This has been a fantastic opportunity for FG Wilson to work closely with them and form a partnership, with the aim of delivering future power solutions.”