Mawlaik mains electricity powered by FG Wilson

Mawlaik mains electricity powered by FG Wilson

If you ask a non-Myanmar resident if he/she has heard of Mawlaik district, probably only a handful will know of this area. If you ask a Mawlaik resident for any brand they can think of, and likely FG Wilson will be one of them.

Located at Sagaing Region in North-West Myanmar, which is 994km away from Yangon, Mawlaik has a land area 5 times the size of Singapore. With a population of around 55,000 people, Mawlaik’s main source of electricity is from diesel generator.

In March 2018, Ar Mahn Trading Co.,Ltd was awarded by Myanmar Ministry of Electrictiy to supply one unit of P900E1 diesel genset to this district. Travelling for close to 3 days on the road, Ar Mahn finally delivered the genset to the site. Within a week, they installed and commissioned the genset, using 11kV transformer to distribute the power to the whole town.

“At least the whole town knows who is FG Wilson now….” – Ar Mahn Trading Co.,Ltd

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