Powering One Of Central Europe’s Largest Hospitals

Powering One Of Central Europe’s Largest Hospitals

The Ljubljana University Clinical Centre, is the biggest public health institution in Slovenia and one of the largest hospitals in Central Europe, with almost 8,000 employees and beds for over 2,000 patients with over 115,000 patients admitted each year and almost 1.2 million out-patients.

The Centre is organisationally divided into a number of clinics, across the entire hospital campus, with six divisions and eight independent units and institutes.

Earlier in 2017, FG Wilson Slovenia dealer Prinsis successfully completed a comprehensive renovation and reconstruction of the hospital’s standby power supply. At the heart of the project were two 1500 kVA and two 1,000 kVA FG Wilson generator sets, installed to provide emergency and standby power anywhere inside the main hospital building and the new Medical Emergency Unit. Cooling for the two 1,000 kVA units is through heat exchangers and remote radiators installed on the roof of the hospital.

Hospitals have critical power needs and constant remote monitoring of the power system is important. Prinsis designed and installed complete automation of the power system, based on Schneider switchgear, Deep Sea control units and ESA local control panels for local control and monitoring. Prinsis also designed monitoring software for the power system based on the Movicon platform. The complete generator set system is connected to the main Control centre and to local monitoring computers and smartphones and tablets of the maintenance staff.

For Prinsis and for FG Wilson, it was an exciting project to play a part in, not only for the engineering challenges but also playing a part in a hospital which is making a big positive difference to so many people.

To find out more about FG Wilson visit www.fgwilson.com and to find out more about Prinsis, visit www.prinsis.si/home-page/